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Kenney Rodriguez

Professional and business-savvy leader with a solid record of building sales teams in corporate America, Kenney “K-Rod” Rodriguez has always had a passion for leading teams to achieve their greatness. Kenney Rodriguez carries an extensive back ground in the health and wellness industry. After attending his undergraduate studies at Cornell University in Ithaca New York he decided to return to his home town New York City to start a career in the health and wellness industry. It wasn’t long before Kenney’s talents were recognized by his peers and was asked if he would like the opportunity to manage some of the most prestigious health and wellness companies in NYC including those of NYSC and Equinox. Kenney started as an instructor with the AHA as a way to be able to certify his personal trainers and instructors to stay current. In a very short time span the word spread that Kenney train programs were diverse and that his trainings were relevant to the people or group that were taking his classes. Kenney envision of one day building an empire finding top of mind leaders from various communities and assemble a family with one mission in mind. Empower families to learn these critical skills and to help save more lives through education. 

Kenney Rodriguez is the CEO and Founder
of PrivateCPR, as well as
Roddrix Personal Training.



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