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Breindy is passionate about health and wellness. She is a certified American Heart Association BLS Instructor and holds numerous personal training certifications form NASM (National Academy Sports and Medicine) to Kettlebell concepts.

Being 100% Hasidic Jew and living among one of the largest Jewish communities in Brooklyn, Breindy knows and understands her culture very well and understands their unique customs and needs. She has help hundreds of people as well as families understand the importance of these life saving skills as well as health, wellness, and preventive medicine to help optimize general well being.

Breindy also has become the local fitness expert in the Jewish community by specializing in female weight loss and human performance. She has trained a variety of female clients of all age groups and continues to grow her business by providing top notch services to her clients. Breindy has 2 adorable kids and understands the seriousness and responsibility in lifesaving skills especially when it comes to kids. She will never forget when her little 2 year old was severly choking on a small pencil that he got hold of his sisters arts and crafts. Ever since that terrible incident she realized that teaching parents how to prevent child and infant chocking was something every single parent should know. You may contact Breindy at (212) 804-7570 or through email at breindyactive@yahoo.com.











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