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Instructor Program Packages

PrivateCPR offers several Instructor certification programs to choose from. We have the BLS (Basic Life Skills) for the Health Care Provider and ACLS Instructor program for advance rescuer teams in the ER (Emergency Response) and ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Each program carries certain prerequisites in order to attend. See view the details of each program below. All instructor program purchases are FINAL and absolutely NO REFUNDS are issued i.e. this includes but not limited to: a student fails the course, fails to complete, or fails to attend the schedule date of said course.

BLS for Health Care Provider Instructor Program:
This program offers the fundamental and advance components of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) for the professional to teach classes and certify people in the all the listed professions: EMTs (Emergency Medical Transport), LPNs (License Practical Nurses), CNAs (Certified Nurses Assistants), RNs (Registered Nurses), doctors, chiropractors, dentist, radiologist, pharmacist, as well as all other professional that are in the health care field. (Must purchase your program book separately and on line key for the course.)

$600.00 for BLS for Health Care
Provider Instructor Program


ACLS Professional Instructor Program:
The ACLS (Advance Cardiovascular Life Support) program offers the most advance components of CPR and AED for the professional rescuer. This program qualifies instructors to certify people in the following fields, EMTs, doctors, surgeons, critical care nurses, RNs, cardiologist and other professionals in the same capacity of expertise. (Must purchase your program book separately and on line key for the course.) (prerequisite: valid, active BLS Instructor card)

$600.00 for ACLS Professional
Instructor Program

All program packages must be purchased with the following:

  • student study manual
  • program DVD
  • the AHA PAM (Program Administration Manual)
  • on line testing program with access codes
  • class room skills session and core skill set training
  • audit practical examination

The on line home study portion of the BLS and ACLS programs is about 4 to 8 concentrated hours to complete. After completion you will be able to print your official AHA completion certificate to bring with you to the class. In the classroom we will go through an intense module of skill set training where you will have the opportunity to show the instructor how proficient you are with the core skills of CPR. After this module there will be an intense training on the skill set needed to be an effective instructor and all the administrative responsibilities you have when handling student’s paperwork. Our goal is to have our pros train you to be a pro- this program is built on the entire AHA platform to ensure that you will be the very best when training your future students on the field.


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