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Great CPR classes is at the heart of PrivateCPR!

PrivateCPR came about in December, 2006 when finding flexible CPR classes and courses were hard to come by. Usually you had to register eight to twelve weeks in advance just to take a CPR class and if there were not enough students to take that particular CPR class you could find your CPR class canceled due to no fault of your own. If you made it to the CPR class back then it was not unusual to find 25 to 30 other students taking the CPR classes with you making it sometimes uncomfortable to learn. You know how the story goes… Some students comes in late, stalling the entire CPR class. Then you have that other student asking the same question one million times because he/she did not have time to study the course book the night before taking the CPR class. Then you have the other student who continually runs to the bathroom every 5 minutes, another student phone ringing every 3 to 5 minutes and of course there were lunch breaks in between. By the time you know it an hour or two has passed and you guys didn't even started the class! Because the instructor must test every single student and confirm that each student understands the material, you could find yourself waiting for paint to dry before your test number is called.

I’ve attended CPR classes that were so packed the instructors ran out of materials to distribute leaving students regulated to share books and sit on the floor, let alone seeing six students per manikin. Basically I've seen it all in some CPR classes I've taken over the years. Because of all the frustration that I was receiving, knowing that I have to come back to take CPR classes again I've decided to do something about it… And that I sure did- thus Private CPR classes was born!

Private CPR class is a CPR certification company that run CPR classes in Brooklyn and throughout the five boros. Our home office is located in the trendy brownstone neighborhood of Williamsburg Brooklyn where most of my neighbors regularly take a CPR class to get certified. PrivateCPR's mission is to give high quality CPR class instruction in one on one personalized or small group settings (usually 3 to 5 students) to achieve the maximum effective results. We run a full time CPR class certification program from our Brooklyn and NYC offices seven days a week and are very flexible with our CPR class times and schedules. We can provide in home CPR class or OJT CPR certification for daycare providers, nurses, personal training facilities and even Doctor and Dental offices because we know how hectic the day can get and that you still have to keep either your job or doors open to stay a float another business day. At the end of the day, High Quality CPR class is a the heart of PrivateCPR.

I personally guarantee that you will enjoy my CPR class and learn, as well as retain, the skill set necessary according to the American Heart Association's latest guidelines to save a victim's life or your money back...


Kenney (K-Rod) Rodriguez
President and CEO of Private CPR, LLC


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